Backstage wedding videography in Morocco

Welcome to my blog! It is the first one so I will be writing about something very interesting and I hope you all enjoy it. A few months ago, my wife Anjeza Dyrmishi who is a destination wedding photographer, and I decided to shoot in Morocco. So, we decided to have a wedding photoshoot and film wedding videography in Morocco.

We had been planning this shoot for a long time but couldn’t find the perfect time and the perfect couple for this shoot. After we decided on the couple, we organized the whole trip. We were very excited about this trip and we had a lot of ideas for this special shoot. But, like every other trip and project, this one had also its difficulties. Obviously, the trip was not easy because Morocco is too far and we had to travel with all the staff. We had decided that since Morocco is a unique place and it was our first time there, we had to do something special.

The difficulties of shooting in Marrakech, Morocco

Firstly, we shot in the medina. The medina is the old historic part of town with high stone walls. We stayed in Riad Aladdin. When we first got there, we immediately understood the cultural differences. This is where I thought that filming there might bring some problems for us. We knew that we had to take permission to shoot in some places and it wasn’t allowed to film everywhere. I wasn’t sure how they would welcome us and if they appreciated our work. We also thought that since we had different cultures, the locals wouldn’t like the way we would represent their traditions, place, and their culture. Even though Marrakech is a traditional place, it has something for everyone. We filmed different locations there.

Firstly, the couple posed in the streets of Marrakech. By shooting in the streets, we had the opportunity to explore as much as we could. This place was really magical. The city was really noisy and crowded. Our only problem was the locals. It’s really challenging to understand if they are comfortable when videographers and photographers are filming in their city. We don’t want them to feel intimidated.

Then the next day we filmed in the Agafay Desert. It is located in the South of Marrakech and you will need about 50 minutes to go there. The Agafay Desert is a rocky desert, and it gives you a dose of relaxation and peace. You will totally forget about the crowded streets of Marrakech. But one problem that we faced here was protecting our cameras from the dust and the sand. But we managed to capture the most beautiful photos and videos in the Agafay Desert.

Wedding Videography in Marrakech, Morocco

The next day we filmed on a terrace overlooking Marrakech. We went to a different riad by mistake, but it was totally worth it. The family welcomed us and made the whole staff feel at home. The view from the terrace was breathtaking. The sunset was amazing and we captured the perfect photos and video.

On our last day, we filmed through the alleys of Marrakech during the sunset and golden hour.

Filming in a new place is always a bit stressful and challenging for the videographers and the photographer, since you don’t know the city and its beautiful locations but with the help of the locals and the guide we filmed in the most beautiful landscapes and coolest street views of Marrakech. Another problem with filming somewhere new, was scheduling delays, because of the weather, or maybe not finding the places we wanted but obviously, this was not a problem for us.

Despite all of these problems we thought we would have, shooting in Marrakech, Morocco was an unforgettable experience for me.

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