March 30, 2020

Wedding in Belgium– Marielou & Tim

A beautiful and lovely Belgian wedding

The wedding took place in Antwerp a city in Belgium and also the capital of Antwerp province in Flanders. If you are looking to plan a wedding somewhere beautiful Antwerp, Belgium is a good choice. You can find there everything you want and also like. The beautiful locations this city offers are enormous. The wedding couple, Marielou and Tim are a sweet and lovely couple who obviously had such an incredible and wedding day in Antwerp city, Belgium. They were real, spontaneous, and also really comfortable around the camera. A warm welcome for us and the guests to De Koolputten hotel. The reception there was very impressive. Marielou and Tim made sure that everybody felt at home. They also had taken care of every little detail.

Wedding videography in Belgium

The church wedding ceremony was so emotional for everybody including us. Having a church ceremony was important for both of them. After that, the wedding took place in Gloriette Hoeve. This place was perfect for a wedding like Marielou and Tim’s. The perfect details and the decoration were in complete harmony with the bride and groom. It was a pleasure for me and my wife who was the wedding photographer to be part of this beautiful traditional Belgian wedding. The beautiful and funny speeches that their friends and family gave were very important for the bride and groom. They enjoyed these speeches a lot. After these beautiful moments, it was time for fun, music, and dancing. Filming their first dance, every guest dancing, and real emotions made this day and video amazing.  Nothing is better than beautiful locations for your special day.

A mixing of their chic style, nature, fun, dancing, and true love. When couples love their wedding video and feel happy, that’s where I know that is where I know that I’m creating unique wedding films. Enjoy this beautiful wedding!

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