March 31, 2020

Wedding Clip in Gjirokastër – Wedding Videography

Wedding clip in a historic city

We decided to shot this wedding clip in beautiful Albania and one of the most unique cities. In this precious historical place like Gjirokastër, we made the wedding film of this lovely couple. Gjirokastër is known for the quiet cobblestone streets, the magnificent castle, and also the polyphonic singing. Sometimes, people from all around the world know the city as the Stone city because of the typical tall stone houses which have roofs that are also covered with stones. Also, Gjirokastër Fortress is very famous and a tourist attraction. It offers a panoramic view of this historical city. We filmed in every place that I described above, and also let’s not forget about the beautiful old bazaar.

Wedding videography in Gjirokastër

Filming in Gjirokastër, in this historical city where everything evokes your emotions was a special experience for me as a destination wedding videographer. Getting to know romantic and adventurous couples while filming for their wedding clip in beautiful locations is one of my favorite things about my job.  Their love story is as unique as this wedding clip and this place. We decided to create an elegant, romantic, and also storytelling wedding film. In their land, in our dear Albania, the couple shared their love story. The magical places we got to film, the beautiful architecture, the cobblestone streets, and the marvelous castle helped me as a wedding videographer to create some heartfelt and lifetime memories for the bride and groom.

Traditional Wedding

Nowadays couples can choose different wedding themes and styles from modern, to vintage, traditional, etc. I love working with all kinds of wedding styles and experimenting with unique themes. Shooting in a historical place in Gjirokastër was absolutely a great experience for me.

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