July 5, 2021

Vlogger Intro Video- Couple Video/ Adisa Gjo

What’s a Vlogger Intro Video?

One of the greatest ways to start a video on social media platforms when you are a vlogger is an intro video. An intro video is a short video that serves as an introductory video for everyone watching. Through this video, you should introduce the content of your channel and also introduce yourself. Since the intro should be short, it can be challenging sometimes. In a few seconds, you have to share a story, moments, emotions and when the intro is filmed and edited the right way, it will attract new viewers, and make your videos more special and unique. Except for sharing a story and introducing the content of your channel, the intro should evoke emotions like curiosity to the people watching. They should also feel attached to you and your content. So working on an intro and making it perfect for your platforms requires a lot of work.

Couple Intro Video

Adisa Gjo is a famous vlogger, who loves to share moments of her life with people that follow her. She also shares her love story and her daily life with her partner. They were both two down to earth and realistic people. They lived their life to the fullest and were really adventurous. Two young people like Adisa Gjo and her partner were in love and were spontaneous and playful. So all of this I should capture, film, and edit in a short video such as intro. Nature and golden hour were the location and time of the day we chose since they would represent their personality’s spontaneity and romantic part. They were so comfortable and natural around the camera that it was easy to capture their free spirit and fun side. Life is all about positive energy and that’s what this intro video was about. Love, fun, adventures, positivity, and spontaneity.

Enjoy it.

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