January 12, 2022

Outdoor Couple Videography- Olsi Bylyku & Egli

Couple’s Session in Nature

When holidays are near, everybody is looking to create memories and share them with their loved ones. Everyone wants some videos and photos taken with their family, but this beautiful couple Olsi Bylyku and Egli decided to have a couple’s session just the two of them, outdoor in nature. Outdoor offers a variety of places and a picturesque view and that is why we decided to film this couple’s video in nature. As a videographer, I want to film special outdoor couple videography and we created a beautiful scene with Christmas lights surrounding the couple and a small bonfire. The idea of the couple’s video was to share the warmth and the love a video of two lovers have. Since Olsi Bylyku is a famous actor, filming this video with him and his girlfriend was really easy and joyful.

Outdoor Couple Videography

It’s always beautiful to capture and document people’s love, especially during the early stages of the relationship. These memories like couple’s videos or photos, it’s a great way to get closer to your partner. I filmed a few hours for this video so we could capture it during the day. Also during the night for some more romantic and intimate moments with the couple. The holidays are the right moment to shoot this kind of video and create something magical. A couple’s videography is the perfect way to create memories, and share and document your love with your partner just like Olsi Bylyky and Egli. Here you can also get inspiration for your next couple’s session. Don’t miss the opportunity to document your love from the beginning. Have these memories your whole life. Share them with your loved ones.

A unique couple’s video in nature with Christmas lights and a campfire.

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