November 2, 2020

Halloween Wedding 2020 – Wedding Videographer

Halloween Wedding Video

It’s been some time since my last blog post and I hope you all are safe and well. And, Happy Halloween!  In today’s blog post I wanted to share with you my latest project on photography and videography that I and my wife Anjeza created. It was interesting to film a Halloween-themed wedding, and you may know that themed weddings may be difficult to create (especially during COVID- 19), but creating them comes very naturally to us.

I love shooting traditional weddings. But let me be honest and say I get a little bit more excited about different things. After our initial consult with the couple, I and my wife started planning the wedding photos and videos.

Since the spooky season was all around the corner and we all know that 2020 was such a scary year itself, we both knew we had to come with something special; we were going to shoot A Halloween wedding. We all know what Halloween theme is, is all about orange pumpkins and black!

Spooky Halloween Decor:

If you think that we chose a scary abandoned house, let me tell you you are wrong! Nature is our favorite place to shoot. And to shoot this Halloween wedding, a forest was our chosen destination.

We added some orange pumpkins, a lot of candles, some classic antique chandeliers.  of course, we wouldn’t miss filming the couple with the mysterious smoke.

The Couple Photoshoot and The videography

Despite the spooky Halloween makeup look on their faces, it was so fun filming the groom and the bride, dressed in their wedding clothes.  The Bride went for a white classic dress and the groom was all in black.

I love unique weddings, I love driving to new locations I have never been to before, exploring them on a wedding day, and shooting something special. I love filming weddings. Every time the couple comes back overjoyed at what you have produced for them you just know it was all worth it. The wedding trailer above captures the constant joy on the couple’s faces (even though they had Halloween makeup) throughout their wedding day.

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