August 13, 2021

First Birthday Video| Highlights | Baby Girl First Birthday

Mabel’s First Birthday Video

Being a destination wedding videographer, I have seen all kinds of emotions that people have but there is no emotion compared to your kid turning one year old. Some people say that why should you have a first birthday party or photoshoot or video when the baby is not going to remember? Obviously, you should have one so you can create memories for yourself and your baby. First birthdays are for creating memories and sharing them with your little ones when they are older. After a year full of challenges, learning new things, sharing, and receiving the greatest love you have ever had it’s really important to have memories on this special day. And I am really happy to be part of such emotional and happy moments for a family.

Creating Memories

Of course for this beautiful first birthday video, we chose nature. There is nothing like nature when you want to shoot something emotional and beautiful. I took care of all the details. I made sure to capture all the smallest details, emotions, and feelings of the parents and little Mabel. We decorated the place with balloons and cake of course, which was later smashed by the little girl. This was one of the funniest moments of the whole day shooting with her. You could see the happiness on their faces, both her parents and the baby.  Even though the baby is not going to remember this moment, it will be a beautiful memory when she will get older and see it.

That is why as a videographer I try my best to capture all the details so the baby will get the same feeling when she sees this video when she’s older. First birthday videos are a must for every parent who wants to have great memories with their little one.

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