March 31, 2020

Down Syndrome – Extra Chromosome, Extra Love

Down Syndrome Awareness

This was a special project for me to film.  Down Syndrome is a condition in which a person has an extra chromosome and it’s not a disorder. Getting to know these little kids and working with them was a pleasure for me. They were so loving and caring. There is nothing different about them. Filming and posing for our camera was so easy for them. They loved photography.

People sometimes prejudice them and make them feel bad about the way they are and there is a huge problem with this. Do you know that they have dreams, abilities, and talents just like all of us? Do you also know that they love life and they are happy people? Why cause them so much sadness when we can give them all the love we have.

Make everyone feel special- Give love

Projects like this one did have a great impact on our society. This kind of project prevents prejudice, racism, and hate. They also help people understand that having an extra chromosome means that we can have extra love, that they have the ability to forgive, love unconditionally, discover, and enjoy life.

People always forget how important is to take care of others and love them unconditionally. I believe that this project meant the world for some people and made some others understand what Down Syndrome is and why we should appreciate people with Down Syndrome. Don’t forget to love everyone despite everything. They need love and they also give love. Make the world a better place and be a nice person.

There is no difference. Love is all that matters. Don’t judge, just show your support and love for everyone. Giving these powerful messages to our society it’s crucial for me as an artist.

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