July 7, 2021

Commercial Video Production for Brands

What’s a commercial video?

These days’ the internet and television are the main sources to inform people about what happens all around the globe. Internet especially has become more & more powerful and important for people. And what does this have to do with the commercial video? And most importantly what’s a commercial video? It is a short video that promotes your business, product, service, or brand. These kinds of videos are essential for the business’ marketing strategy. If you are introducing a new product, opening a new store, or growing your business, commercial videos are a must. Through this short video, the brand is what sets it apart from the competitors. It is also used to attract new customers and raise awareness about your brand, product, or service. And, with the technology evolving and the internet becoming this important, brands and businesses all over the world are using online video advertising.

It’s the easiest and most efficient way to help your brand become successful. In other words, a commercial video is the first introduction that the customers have to your brand. So, make sure it’s worth it.

Creating a Commercial Video Production

One of the projects I did this month was a commercial video about a big and successful brand/business like Arteg is. After succeeding in their field, this brand had opened a new store in a shopping center and they were looking to make a unique video about the opening of their new store. Since they are a homeware business, of course, the video would be filmed in a home setting like the kitchen surrounded by food and home goods. We decided that the famous principal dancers, choreographers, and couple Enada Hoxha and Gerd Vaso would be the perfect fit for this commercial video. It’s important to stay true, authentic, and simple to the brand and what they offer. My advice for all people who create commercial videos is to focus on the message and emotions you want to evoke in the audience.

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