June 30, 2022

Brooklyn Bridge Marriage Proposal

Surprise Proposal in New York City Film

As a wedding videographer for many years now, my recommendation is to document your marriage proposal. Whether you choose photography, videography, or both. It’s really important to have one of the most special moments of your love life captured and also documented. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most romantic places for couple and wedding films in New York. A marriage proposal video there could not miss in my work. A lot of New York wedding videographers have shot there for their wedding films. That’s why it’s important to film something unique and different from the others. The Brooklyn Bridge marriage proposal film that I shot turned out to be one of the most special New York couples’ videos I have ever done. It’s one of the most romantic locations to shoot because of the views it offers.

How to Film a Marriage Proposal

Marriage proposals are supposed to be spontaneous, real, and also a surprise. That’s how this Brooklyn Bridge marriage proposal was. The boyfriend planned this sweet marriage proposal and decorated it with roses, candles and a Marry Me sign. Being a videographer makes you a part of a lot of beautiful moments. Spontaneous and unexpected events like this marriage proposal in New York City are the best. When I saw the happiness of the couple during the proposal, it helped and inspired me a lot to create a unique marriage proposal video. As a Brooklyn engagement and wedding videographer is my job and also a pleasure to create unique videos for each couple.

Brooklyn Bridge Marriage Proposal Videographer

Sunset and golden hour are always the right time if you want to shoot something more romantic and intimate like this marriage proposal video. If you are looking to get inspired for your marriage proposal and you want some New York proposal ideas make sure you don’t miss this surprise proposal in New York City film.

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