March 30, 2020

Bridal Editorial- Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography- Bridal Editorial

Besides filming weddings and other events, another thing that I enjoy filming is bridal editorials. It helps all the future brides and grooms to get inspired for their wedding. Sometimes people come across photos in magazines or social media of a couple, of a bride or groom posing, and these photos are telling a story. It may look like a real wedding but outside these photos, you will understand that a lot of people are working to create something special. A photographer who is helping the model to pose, a videographer who is filming backstage and all the highlights of this shoot, and other people who are helping. In this kind of shoot is the photographer who directs and takes care of all the details. And that is a bridal editorial.

Inspirational Editorial Videography

So, let’s see what we did in this bridal editorial. Firstly, we chose a beautiful location, a flower field that would perfectly combine with the idea of this wedding editorial. The flower field created a beautiful backdrop for the bridal editorial clip. This was the best scene for this modern wedding editorial and suited perfectly with the editorial’s style and theme. Nature is always a good idea for real weddings or bridal editorials. The perfect lighting you get by filming outdoor is always perfect and helps you a lot during the shoot. Also, working with models and people who love the camera, who also pose naturally and are so comfortable is a big help for the photographer and the videographer. By shooting this bridal editorial we created an elegant, classy, and feminine film. The beauty of nature and the stunning wedding dresses were in perfect harmony with the bridal editorial film. A delicate and natural bridal clip in the perfect location.

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