January 12, 2022

Accept Yourself – Love Yourself Project

Accept Yourself Campaign

The first Albanian campaign that gives this special message. Through this campaign, we gathered some famous Albanian influencers to give a powerful message for women to accept and also, love their selves just the way they are. Nowadays society puts pressure on women to look perfect so they can achieve what they want and also pursue their careers. Women read in magazines or watch television and see articles about how to lose weight, or what to say, what to wear, and also how to look perfect. And that is absolutely wrong.

Through this campaign, we wanted women to understand that if they feel pretty and happy the way they are then they don’t have to change a thing. Certainly, social media is forcing women to look in a certain way. A lot of women say we want to look like her, we want to look like this, can you edit this photo, or can you make me look thinner, etc, etc. But why? Obviously, there is nothing wrong with being natural. These famous influencers helped us to give the message of women accepting and also loving their selves.

The impact of the campaign

With this project we wanted women to understand that however, it’s the inner peace and happiness that matters. Therefore, if you are happy, enjoying life, and love yourself that’s what really matters. Society will always be unhappy and will always put pressure on you but that’s not your problem. Who said that in this world everything has to be perfect and symmetrical?  You won’t be able to stay long under plastic, photoshop, or make-up to make others love you more, but it’s self-love and an acceptance that makes you special.  Love and accept yourself always.

This campaign had a huge success and also a lot of women and men supported our initiative. As a result, we received some beautiful messages. What can be more important than loving and accepting yourself? Obviously, we should all support each other, especially women. Above all, self-love is what matters the most. In conclusion, I can say that don’t try to be perfect, just be you.

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