I'm Endrit Bardhi, a filmmaker and photographer based in New York City and New Jersey.

I have been filming for over 15 years and this is my greatest passion. Being able to do this every day brings me joy. My films are inspired by real moments, emotions, feelings, and people. It's all about the little moments and details that make the difference. The most important thing for me as a videographer is not only to film what is happening but to create a short film where the main character is you. Lighting and feelings are essential for my films. These two components create the video. I like to work with people, learn about their stories and then put them into motion in my videos.

Capturing your life, real moments, watching you celebrate your love, your story, and loving every second of it. It is my pleasure to get to know you and your ideas and document your love, your moments, and your emotions. It's all about creating heartfelt memories and timeless art.


Let my work speak for itself. I have had the pleasure of creating projects, documenting real-life stories, and working with the best. Take a look.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Why should we choose you for our wedding?

The wedding should definitely be documented and filmed. I always focus on capturing emotions. They are the main and most important part of my wedding videos. Besides that, I always take care of the details and film those things y probably never thought of. After looking at the wedding video after a few years, as a wedding videographer, I want the couple to recall every detail and every moment of their special day.

How long are your videos?

It always depends on what I’m filming. For me, as a wedding videographer, the quality and the meaning of the video are more important than the length. The idea and the length of the video are related to each other. I don’t like to standardize the duration of the wedding videos, because it depends also on the clients’ requirements. I try to give my clients the right duration so the video can convey the message and the memories of the event. It is important that the videos have a story, a beginning, and an end.

What equipment and format do you use?

The equipment we use is always professional, modern and the best for videography. If clients require an extra device, we can make it possible for them. You will always find the latest equipment and quality in our studio because our clients must always have the best service. It is essential for a videographer to film videos with high quality, so the clients can be satisfied. Everything you require, you can find it in my videos and the investment that I have made in the professional equipment.

How many videographers should we have at an event?

The more videographers in your event, the more exciting and dynamic the video will be. Being filmed from different perspectives is the best and the greatest opportunity to document every moment, detail and emotion. We suggest the number of videographers depending on the size and the dynamics of the event.

Do you work/collaborate with photographers?

I think an important part of my job is working with my wife and life partner since she is a destination wedding photographer. She is one of the most accomplished and best photographers, and I’m not saying this because she is my wife. Since we are in the same industry, videographer, and photographer, we have the opportunity to create and deliver to our clients a better work. Videography and photography help each other. Since we are a family, the discussions and collaboration are at a higher level and as a result, our work will be better, demanding more from each other and our work.

Can we choose the music for our video?

The clients can recommend the style of the music but the videographer should always choose the music, based on the filming and the idea that the videographer has. It is also very important for music to be copyrighted. In our studio, we always buy the music that we use for the videos. And this way the clients won’t have problems with audio when they post it in their social media, they will have the copyright of the music used in the video they will receive.

How far can you travel to shoot an event?

We have traveled all over Europe and beyond. We can travel all around the world if our clients’ desires and requirements are fulfilled. All we want to do is to create special, exciting and unique videos.